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  • Strawberry Made with fresh Strawberries that you can taste with every bite (Vegan)
  • Mango Transport yourself to a tropical setting with every fruit filled bite with our Mango Paleta. Fresh Mango in every bit (Vegan)
  • Mangonada What’s a more traditional Mexican Paleta than a Mangonada. Freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with fresh Mango with a swirl of traditional Chamoy Sauce. Giving you a combo of tangy, sweet and salty flavor in every bite (Vegan) 
  • Watermelon What goes better with summer than a watermelon paleta? Fresh watermelon in every bite transports you to a place where the heat of summer is cut by the cool refreshing taste of a watermelon paleta (Vegan)
  • Kiwi Limeade The taste of Fresh Kiwi with freshly squeezed lime and a hint of mint and cucumber will transport you to a beach side vacation. (Vegan)
  • Lavender Lemonade When life gives you lemons, you make an awesome paleta. The sweet, tart, and floral Lavender Lemonade is a lovely way to enjoy a perfect day. (Vegan)
  • Chocolate Indulge in the rich and creamy Chocolate Paleta, a decadent treat for chocolate lovers
  • Strawberry Cream Taste the creamy and sweet refreshig strawberry paletaa, bursting with juicy flavor.

  • Biscochito Experience the traditional New Mexican flavor with the Biscochito Paleta, inspired by the beloved cookie.

  • Pina Colada Transport yourself to the tropics with the Pina Colada Paleta, a tropical blend of pineapple and coconut

  • Cafecito A coffee infused delight for caffeine enthusiasts 

  • Blueberry Jamaica Enjoy the tangy and fruity Blueberry Jamaic Paleta, a refreshing combination of blueberry and hibiscus flavors.


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