About Us


Is a first generation Mexican American, New Mexican. She is the youngest of five kids. Born to Mexican Immigrants, she grew up seeing her parents work hard as entrepreneurs. Her parents communicated the importance of an education and landing a dependable job. Carmen graduated with a BS in Radiology Technology at age 21. Carmen took $1,000 of her relief fund and took her chance on the stock market. She turned that $1,000 into enough money to start Loteria Paleteria. After 18 years of following her parent’s advice, she wanted to take a chance and pursue the opportunity to work for herself by tapping into her creative side.


Born and raised in Taos, NM. This Taoseño has a natural talent for cooking and has been working on his craft since he was a boy. He was raised thinking that the only key to success was to have an education and then get a dependable job. Aspirations to become a chef were pushed to the side to pursue a life in the corporate world. After a few years of while working different jobs and working on his degree, he joined the NM Army National Guard. This helped Daniel to complete his education, earning a BS in Constructional Engineering. Daniel is a Captain and serving as a Company Commander. Loteria Paleteria has given Daniel the opportunity to tap into his creative culinary skills, bringing only the best paletas to the Taos community.